Enterprise Technology Innovation Data Analyst

“You can have data without information, but you can’t have information without data.” Are you fascinated by the transformation of raw data into insightful information? Do you have a meticulous level of attention to detail, a desire to learn, and a need to stay ahead of the curve? Our client is looking for a Data Analyst to drive technology innovation in their organization.

Company Profile

This company’s mission is to disrupt our country’s healthcare system using advanced technological solutions. Our client understands the business of healthcare, and works to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of health and safety. They want to improve the healthcare experience for both consumers and providers, and work every day to overcome obstacles and improve the lives of the people. Our client stands by their professionalism and integrity, with a sincere commitment to promote an environment of hospitality for stakeholders, guests, and team members.


Our client company is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. They will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristics protected by law. They are in full support of hiring our Veterans, and we urge you to apply. This role does require that you are a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor or transfer visas.


Job Description

After being brought on as a Data Analyst, you will map, construct, and present a variety of intricate analytical solutions for our client’s stakeholders. You will work with these stakeholders to identify data sources and drive technological innovation within the organization. In this role, you will join a team of experts to collect, organize, and interpret data, and automate data gathering for maximum efficiency. This role is responsible for reviewing and transforming data into applications that integrate with current service offerings and solve business problems.


Applicants are required to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Engineering, or Math. Additionally, you must have at least two years of data management or analytics experience, along with two years of experience with ETL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, MicrosoftSQL, Cassandra, and other similar systems. Strong SQL scripting experience is preferred.


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Date Created:
21 May 2018
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Primary Contact:
Name: Sandra Marie Smith
Job Title: Talent Acquisition
Email: sandra@insight-itc.com
Business Phone: (262) 782 7255
Mobile: 262-388-8813